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Corohook is  not only a tool that enables you to avoid touching all kinds of surfaces but also serves as a reminder to avoid unnecessary contacts in everyday errands. 

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Antimicrobial Plastic Benefits

The ultimate solution for people in the city.

We have developed a product that is much needed in current situation. Living in the city will be easier with Corohook – from visiting public places, banks, posts, public toilets to shopping and much more. Corohook will make your daily routine carefree.

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Patent Pending Corohook

Production and PATENT

Manufactured in US and EU, using an advanced technology of cutting and polishing of the final product. Corohook is a unique and innovative product, for which a patent application has been already filled by our team. Corohook is made of the most quality materials to enhance the endurance in use of the product  and to allow a long-term use. It is easy to clean and resistant to different  cleaners.

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Corohook in your store.

Offer Corohook – the ultimate solution to avoid unecessary touching to your customers. During current global circumstances Corohook is suitable for every store, regardless the assortment of your products. Contact us anytime for more information, delivery dates and prices.

Become responsible


Corohook enables you to do keep your daily routine as normal as possible and carefree. You can shop without touching carts and POS terminals, use public toilets without touching anything, open the doors without touching the door levers and much more.


We feel the responsibility to offer people around the world a tool to avoid touching different surfaces. At the same time is up to every individual to act responsibly in the current situation and to do all one can to avoid contacts.


Currently the best thing to do is to stay at home. But there still remain some errands that need to be done, such as buying groceries and gas, going to pharmacy and even going to work. It is time to be careful wherever we go and use a tool to avoid touching anything – Corohook.