Corohook Mini Touch Black


Corohook Mini Touch enables you to keep your daily routine as normal as possible and carefree. Now you can use any public touch screen, without touching it with your hands. The tip of the Corohook Mini Touch can be used on all types of touch screens like self service cash registers, newer ATM machines, information boards etc. At the same time you can also use it for pushing any buttons, such as elevator buttons, POS terminals, light switches, pedestrian crossing buttons, vending machines buttons etc.

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Includes keychain with carabiner and also a retractable reel, so it is very easy to use. Just attach it to your pant’s waist, backpack straps or similar and stretch it out whener you need it. It will always be at your hand and it even makes a great looking fashion accessory.

It is made of durable polished antimicrobial plastic.


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