Just follow the steps as described below to enter our affiliate program.


1. Click the button »AFFILIATES«.

2. Click the button »START EARNING NOW«.

3. Enter your details.

4. Confirm registration – after clicking the button »REGISTER«, you will receive an e-mail with a notification about a successful registration to our affiliate program. You are one step closer to start earning your money!

5. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail about being accepted to our affiliate program.

6. Now you can log in to your account.

7. Enter the details that you have chosen at the registration of your account and click the button »LOG IN«.

8. After successful registration, open the menu »My Account« and click the button »Affiliate Area«.

9. The section that opens is »Affiliate URLs«. This is where you generate your referral link. In »Page URL« enter the URL of a web page that you would like to promote (usually the product page) and in the box below the name of your campaign. Click on »Generate URL« and your referral link is ready to be used. Paste it on your website, your BIO, posts…

& start earning money.


Affiliate map


Displays the statistics of all of your unpaid referrals, paid referrals, visits, referrals conversion rate, unpaid earnings, paid earnings, commission rate, campaign name, campaign visits, unique links, converted number, and campaign conversion rate..

Referral Graphs

Displays the referral graphs.


(here you can find) the list of all your created referrals.


(here you can find) the list of all your Payouts and their statuses.


(here you can find) the list of your Referral URL visits.


Here you can find all the creatives that you’ll need for your successful marketing campaign.


Under settings tab you can see the details of where your earnings will be paid to. Here you can even change your Payout method as well as your Payment Email and you can enable or disable New Referrals Notifications. .

Log out

Click here to log out.

How to get paid?

1. In ‘’Affiliate area’’ click the button ‘’Settings’’.

2. You will then be shown the registration form (if you have not yet registered). Complete the registration form and click the button ‘’Register for Payouts Service’’.

3. Enter your bank account or debit card details, wherever you wish your affiliate earnings to be deposited. SUBMIT YOUR PAYOUT DETAILS.

– Deposits to debit cards are faster than ACH Bank transfers.
– Deposits to debit cards are only available in the USA.
– ACH Bank transfers are available worldwide.

4. The next step needed is completing the Identity Verification process.

5. Enter your personal details.

6. Review the payout details.

7. Submit your payout details.

8. Once your payout details are submitted successfully, you will be returned to the Affiliate Area and shown a screen like this:

You are all set to start your first campaign. Copy and paste the referral link or code to any of your channels and start earning money.